Weissr Decisions for Increased Cash Flow!

The Weissr® system, enables capital-intensive industries to significantly improve asset decision making and cash flow generation unleashing potentially billions of dollars in enterprise value.
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Take control over the Capital Allocation Process

Weissr is a complete system to facilitate the capital allocation process, from Capex Strategy over capital budgeting to capex management guiding the organization towards maximizing long-term cash flow.

The Capex Strategy functions as the yardstick that governs the capital budgeting and approval process, ensuring that individual decisions follow the cash flow maximizing asset strategy.

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The Capex Process – The Tail Wags The Dog!

Weissr, the first Capex Strategy and Capex Management turn-key solution.

Weissr was created and perfected by Weissenrieder & Co,
the global leader in industrial Capex Strategy & Capex Management practices and theory since 1994.

Weissr enables capital-intensive companies to significantly improve asset decision making and cash flow generation, unleashing potentially billions of dollars in enterprise value. The selected long-term Capex Strategy is connected to the capex management process and it guides and restricts the day-to-day processes of allocating capital expenditure.

The Weissr solution includes method, process, the Weissr cash flow model, implementation, training, and support in one system.

The system includes two main modules: Capex Strategy and Capex Management. The modules are interrelated in the sense that the Capex Strategy module provides the Capex Management module with restrictions when it comes to capex projects. This is to ensure that capex projects are managed according to the current long-term asset strategy.

Weissr enables companies to maximize long-term cash flow by facilitating a proven process.
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Capex Strategy and Capex Management as one system – or separate

The modules in the Weissr system can be integrated and used as one system, managing both Capex Strategy and Capex Management, or acquired as separate modules, giving you the flexibility to suit your needs.

The Weissr Capex Strategy Module

Create, update, and maintain your company’s most excellent Capex Strategy for your system of production plants.

  • create, update, and scrutinize a large number of strategic alternatives from a whole-business perspective
  • carry out sensitivity analyses and handle a wide range of scenarios
  • automated commentaries and descriptions of strategic alternatives
  • understand and describe the value creation of different alternatives
  • maintain the selected strategic alternative, which governs the capex management process

The Weissr Capex Management Module

Align capital budgeting, planning, and individual capex decisions with the Capex Strategy.

  • conclusions and restrictions from the Asset Strategy governs the Capex Management process
  • automate your workflow
  • seamless integration with your existing systems
  • standardize models and templates
  • utilize customized Weissr cash flow models
  • avoid the capital allocation pitfalls in other major capex management solutions, as described in “The Capex Process – The tail wags the dog”

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