Learn How To Avoid Traps In Capex Processes!

Learn how you can combine extensive hands-on practical experiences and theoretical insights with unique tools and processes for enabling Capex Strategy Analysis and Capex Management.

White papers

We describe how companies apply their capex process, and how universities teach us to make capex decisions, and how that leads to massive capital destruction.


If you are involved in a company’s Capex process, then this area is a must see. We share educational videos that share our knowledge about Capex processes and how you can take action towards success.


In our articles, we provide a variety of content that we think you’ll find very useful and interesting. We write about our own knowledge and experiences concerning Capex Management and Capex Strategy. Learn something new today!


We have published the very first Capex Short Novel!
Make sure to download your copy of “Footprints of a Hero” – or maybe you want your own hardcopy for home?

Weissenrieder & Co

We enable clients to optimize Capex Strategy decisions – thereby maximizing their cash flow. Our clients are mainly corporations within capital intensive industries.

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