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We enable clients to optimize their Capex Strategy decisions and maximize their cash flow.
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The amount of money misallocated and therefore wasted within the capital intensive industry is staggering.
However, the rewards of finding and following the best possible capex strategy are even larger.

Fredrik Weissenrieder, CEO, Weissenrieder & Co.

You’re in good company.

Six reasons why you should implement Weissenrieder’s solutions into your business

  1. A Capex Strategy-governed Capex Management solution increases your cash flow significantly
  2. Endorsing references at the CEO level
  3. The solutions, perspectives, and results differ significantly from what companies do today
  4. An optimal long-term strategy enabling successful capex decisions going forward
  5. Delivers a methodology and toolbox for continuous use across your business
  6. Delivered solution is a key driver of the business’ value

Why aren’t companies doing better when…

…only short payback projects get funds?

…their ROCE is higher than their cost of capital?

…they more or less deliver in their capex projects?

…they only do high NPV projects?

We enable clients to optimize their Capex Strategy decisions and maximize their cash flow.

Develop and scrutinize a large number of strategic alternatives and find the best asset decisions for your portfolio of plants.
We have been the lead advisor in establishing long term capex strategies for over 700 production sites with a total replacement cost exceeding €362.000.000.000 and a total investment value within the immediate five year period of more than € Our clients are mainly corporations within capital intensive industries. We combine extensive hands-on practical experience and theoretical insight with unique tools and processes for enabling Capex Strategy Analysis.

Find Your Future Capex Strategy

Together with our clients’ team and our proven model, we develop, describe and evaluate a range of strategic capex strategy alternatives. The objective is to find the decisions maximizing asset competitiveness and cash flow from a whole-business-perspective – in contrast to finding the quick payback capex projects.


Create A Capex Master Plan

A capex strategy should not be confused with the investment process, rather the capex strategy outlines the major decisions, direction, ambition and restrictions of the investment process going forward.

The result is a long term master plan for the operation’s capexes with an undisputed increase in the company’s future cash flow.

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Capital is being destroyed. Companies are ruined.

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Significant for winning corporations is that they understand that the ongoing process of consolidation continues unabated, even in growing markets. They plan years ahead for these developments resulting in making less bad and more good capex decisions.

– Fredrik Weissenrieder, CEO.

Are you doing what you always have and yet expecting different results?

We have found that you should focus on projects that aim to finding the best, most cash generating Capex Strategy in addition to cost reduction programs, purchasing efficiency projects, working capital initiatives etc. in order to improve competitiveness. By doing so we can assure that you will increase the company’s cash generation enormously. We enable clients to optimize their Capex Strategy decisions and maximize their cash flow.

Weissenrieder & Co

We enable clients to optimize Capex Strategy decisions – thereby maximizing their cash flow. Our clients are mainly corporations within capital intensive industries.

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